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South Africa’s Minute Taking Training Specialists

Minute Taking Training facilitated online and Covid compliant

We offer what we believe to be the most comprehensive minute taking training course in South Africa. Written, designed and trained by professional business executives with real life business experience, this unique and relevant course is specifically targeted for all levels of South African business professionals.

We understand the challenges online training presents including reduced attention spans and interaction.  Our training is therefore designed to be highly interactive and is delivered in manageable bite sized chunks with practical activities, formative assessments and online support throughout the curriculum to ensure our delegates are able to engage fully without losing the benefits that face-to-face training scenarios would provide.

Our course material covers all types of minute taking requirements from informal minutes such as team meetings, formal minutes such as directors, EXCO etc, legal minutes and even disciplinary hearings. We ensure we blend theoretical knowledge with practical minute taking experience during the training to ensure our delegates can leave our training both competent and confident to tackle all types of minutes in every business environment!

Seta Accredited & Industry endorsed

Online SETA Accredited Training Provider

Our training is SETA accredited and assessment is available as an option. We are an also accrediting as a online SETA learning provider.  In addition, we are proud to be endorsed by Labour Law Management Services, a top labour law management consultancy.

Custom courses available

We offer customised training using your organization’s templates for Minutes and Agenda if required and will consult with you and customise our training and course material accordingly.

We assist ALL minute takers

Suitable for almost every audience

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a Company Secretary who would like to know more about the proper procedures surrounding Minutes of Meetings, this is the course for you.

We also assist specialised professionals such as Estate Agents, Legal Secretaries and Body Corporates who are required to keep formal Minutes of Meetings.

We assist HR representatives who are required to take disciplinary transcribings.

We assist Chairpeople and can provide a short workshop to assist Chairpeople in understanding the content and responsibilities that are associated with Minutes of Meetings.

We will cover meeting procedure and meeting organisation in our curriculum as we feel these skills are imperative to assist minute takers with their core responsiblities.

Take minutes of all types of meetings

From formal boardroom minutes, action/ accountability and project meetings, informal to online meetings and even disciplinary hearings, we will equip you with the tools to ensure you are confident and competent to take minutes according to best practice.

“This course is essential for anyone who has to take minutes!”

Natachia, Company Secretary, Total

We conduct COVID compliant online interactive facilitated training workshops.

Our next public course dates which consists of 3 morning sessions will take place on the following dates:

  • 16 – 18 September 2020
  • 14 – 16 October 2020
  • 18 – 20 November 2020
  • 07 – 09 December 2020

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We also offer custom dates for groups.

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Training is offered for groups nationwide at discounted rates

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“I am not afraid anymore!”

Lisa, Webber Wentzel

Extra services and value adds include:

  • Review of minutes
  • Optional real life experience
  • Resource library
  • Practicals
  • Company secretary assistance
  • Chairperson assistance
  • Document storage guidance

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We also offer Effective Meeting training for Chairs and Meeting leaders:

  • Ensure shorter and effective meetings
  • Construct and deploy focused agendas
  • Understand psychology and mitigate power dynamics
  • Overcome group think and ensure participation
  • Achieve meeting objectives
  • Maintain order and apply meeting procedure
  • Develop a proactive organisational meeting culture

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Call our national number now on 087 012 5487