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Let’s be honest. When we learn new words, we do so ‘intuitively’ most of the time. We seldom check the actual meanings of these words, resulting in our often incorrect usage based on assumptions.

Ladies and gentlemen, we at Minute Takers Clinic have a fun way to increase your vocabulary. Please read on.

One of our favourite sites is You can also access their thesaurus version of the same site using this very link, or by typing (We really do believe that in order to learn a new word, we need to consult both the dictionary and the thesaurus.) Not only is this site one of our favourite resources, but it also has a very useful free subscription service to “Word of the day”.

Simply enter your email address and you will shortly receive a word with a full definition and examples of its usage each and every day. You can make this fun inside your organisation by forwarding this email amongst your friends with your own examples of sentence usage with the word of the day. Not only does this become highly amusing, but I can guarantee you that you will always remember that word.

We are sure you will agree that it is extremely useful to increase your vocabulary, however, remember to avoid alienating your audience when writing by using large and uncommon words. Whilst understanding the meaning of every word in the English language is very beneficial, using all of them will probably not be appreciated! Keep it simple wherever possible.

Enjoy !

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